Falk Howar

I am a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley and NASA Ames. My research focuses on automated analysis and verification of component-based software systems. I currently work on the automated inference of component models that combine control- and data-flow using static and dynamic analysis methods (symbolic execution and active automata learning).

For the past one and a half years I served as the PI of a NASA funded research project aiming at defining, integrating, and conducting initial research efforts in V&V of flight critical systems. I received my Ph.D. from TU Dortmund in Germany, where I have worked in the Programming Systems group.

Contact: falk.howar[ at ]gmail.com



Updated my research page and made some of the papers available as PDFs. (Pre-print versions of course...).


Form Aug 1st 2012 I will work for Carnegie Mellon University on their campus in Mountain View, CA!


First version of my new homepage online ...