Falk Howar

Falk Howar

I am a postdoc researcher at the Institute for Applied Software Systems Engineering (IPSSE) of Clausthal University of Technology in Germany. I am a member of the management (Geschäftsführung) and lead a team of researchers working on testing and verifcation of embedded systems.

Before joining IPSSE, I worked as a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University (Silicon Valley Campus) and in the Robust Software Engineering Group at NASA Ames Research Center. I received my Ph.D. from Dortmund University of Technology in Germany, where I worked in the Programming Systems group.

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I am interested in the development of correct and safe software systems with a particular focus on automated analysis, testing, and verification of such systems. My work is mainly based on automated generation of behavioral models of components, systems, and their environments using dynamic and static analysis techniques, e.g., automata learning, machine learning techniques, symbolic execution, or static code analysis. I like to work on problems that have a strong motivation in practical challenges. Over the past few years, I applied my research to automotive and aeronautical control software, automated air-traffic management software, and in industrial software development tools.

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I am currently one of the managing editors of electronic communications of the European Association of Software Science and Technology (ECEASST)

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